The Science Stuff

The Oceana Bonsai feed has been developed to start working in low temperatures and break down for immediate nutrient uptake by the tree.

Coming from a background within the hydroponic nutrient industry we have a deep understanding of how a plant reacts to certain feeds, this was the foundation we built Oceana Bonsai feed on.

Root Boost

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Some of the key elements to Oceana Root Boost is the fact you can use it right away as you are repotting. The benefits of this is that the microbial release is almost immediately available. ​

By using Oceana Root Boost and Oceana Boost in conjunction with each other You are providing your trees with the best possible recovery time.

Sea Kelp is packed full of natural root hormones constantly regenerating a healthy root cycle.

Fish Hydrolysate generates enzyme activity within the soil medium to assist in the breakdown of dead root matter and compost turning organic matter it into soluble nutrients ready to be absorb via the roots, in turn allowing longer periods between repotting.

It has been proven longer periods between repotting helps with shorter internodes & greater ramification of a trees secondary and tertiary branch structure.

Oceana Boost

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Oceana Boost hosts many ingredients such as amino acid, Humic acid, fish hydrolysate & sea kelp.

People value NPK ratios however they miss out on the importance of other micro and macro nutrients. Oceana Bonsai feed was developed to provide all elements required for healthy plants.

Sea Kelp is packed full of natural root hormones constantly regenerating a healthy root cycle.

Fish hydrolysate contains 60 elements out of the 118 on the periodic table. Quite a few chemical based fertiliser only promote NPK.

Oceana Boost not only contains micro nutrients such as Boron, manganese, iron etc but also boasts high soluble complex amino acids creating symbiotic mycorrhizal fungus.

These are essential elements to support enzyme function and plant growth, metabolic regulation whilst preventing disorders such as chlorosis (yellowing of leaves between the veins), browning of leaf tips, stunted or slow growth and bud die back. Extreme micro nutrients deficiency can cause plant cell death. e.g. a lack of Boron within feeds will inhibit flowering trees from blossoming.

The introduction of seaweed in Oceana Boost also helps with trees that are stressed by excessive heat drought or root damage.