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I’ve trialled the root mix and feed this year for the first time this year and have to say that I’m very impressed:

The new growth is very balanced throughout the tree, its luscious, very green and healthy and not at all artificially pumped as would occur with chemical or high nitrogen feeds.

The roots appear to be thriving too, with strong growth appearing through the drainage holes in a single season and roots appearing healthy and fine.
Congratulations Oceana, you’ve put together a wonderful and much needed product!

Really good results using this feed.

I’ve seen my very old hawthorn flower for the 1st time in years and years. My yews are also going strong.

I love the enzyme and bacterial activity breaking the initial feed down into useable plant compounds.

More importantly, it started working at fairly low temperatures. I have to be honest here ive never seen such positive life from well known Japanese bonsai feeds.

Doesn’t take long for the results to speak for themselves. Straight forward & easy to use. ​

Would recommend to both novice and experienced growers a like.

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